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05 February, 2008

In the January edition of the "You and Your Money" Magazine from Eddie Hobbs he asks:
  • Do you really need to travel to all those meetings?
  • Have you tried something as simple as Tele Conferencing Services?

Everybody talks about it! We let you try it! Completely Free - For Two Full Weeks! No Obligations, No Cost! Find out how your business will benefit from our service.

3 Main Reasons For Using Call Conferencing                                                       

1. Saving travel costs is the top reason for almost nine out of ten respondents

2. Obtaining the ability to involve people who could not attend is the main reason for eight out of ten respondents

3. Seven out of ten think that saving time away from the job is the essential advantage(Source: WebMetrics Q4 2006 survey -

Our Business Class National / International Call Conferencing service provides global reach powered by the 5th largest conferencing infrastructure on the planet.

Call Conferencing enables you to keep the conversation flowing. Improve communications and expedite business decisions by communicating more often, more simply. If you're away from your desk, you can host your meeting instantly from any phone.

We offer a Free Unlimited Two Week Call Conferencing and/or Web, Video Conferencing Trial worth €400. Please call us or to book your trial and discuss further details on 021 - 420 9012 or mail us to  

This free trial will open your eyes to a whole new way of doing business very effectively without being constrained by road, rail or air travel.  It will improve your efficiency, save you money and time, and ultimately increase your profits.

Contact Shared Visions on 021 420 9012 for a personalised overview or visit their website

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